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APOC distributes 1,000 copies of coloring books to 10 schools in Lower Johnsonville

APOC Liberia 🇱🇷 distributed 1,000 copies of coloring books to schools in Lower Johnsonville between January-February 2021. The coloring books were donated by LexisNexis Rule of Law Foundation. As per APOC’s 2021 plans, the NGO began the distribution of color books to ten schools in the Johnsonville community and continue our regular partnership in these schools.

APOC focuses on building the capacities of young people, especially girls. Empowering them to become better leaders and preparing them for future leadership journey.

Specifically, teaching them how to read properly and practice several skills, that will enrich their understanding and positively impact their present and future.

APOC, like many other institutions, shares a story of several constraints caused by the COVID-19 during the entire 2020 and extended to 2021. In continuation of our programs, APOC team of managers crafted a post Covid-19 review and strategic plans.

As planned in our post Covid-19 review and strategies, In January, We conducted the distribution of books from LexisNexis (A rule of Law Foundation in the USA) a copy of the ABCs of LAW to ten schools in District # 2 & #3, Montserrado County. Said distribution ended in February.