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APOC launches activities in Ghana at Getty Academy, Sapeiman ACCRA Ghana

APOC Ghana had its launching ceremony at Getty Academy on May 7, 2020. The event was attended by faculty members, staff, parents and students. During APOC ‘s launching ceremony several activities such as dancing, recitation of poems, rap, Oral reading competition.

As stated in the above , health protocols and restriction did not allow us to fully conduct some activities intended to improve our capacity ,funding, programs and other operations Meanwhile , in accordance with our post Covid-19 review and strategic plans , although we counted a very big constraint but we conducted the following activities.

In an effort to increase and improve our human resource capacity, we conducted recruitment and training online while our acquaintance meeting was done face to face in observance with the health protocols.

In our conclusion, let it be made known that APOC did not meet its expectations. Our focus points were not known and realized but our post Covid-19 review and strategic plans could lift expectations.